Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season 2 Episode 15 “One Door Closes”

By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

This show is so good right now that it’s difficult to remember the time in the early parts of season one when it struggled it find its identity. Gone are the days when this show merely name-dropped the far more popular cinematic characters and reacted to whatever happened in the movies. Agents of SHIELD has found its place in the greater-Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is now a catalyst for things that will happen in the films.


Skye met Gordon and got her first real look into the bigger universe that she is now apart of. Even though she caught a glimpse of him a couple of weeks ago on the football field, she still had no reason to believe that there are more people in the world like her and Raina. Whatever notions she had about herself were proven wrong when Gordon let her know there are, in fact, more people like her. She now knows that only have more people gone through the terrigenesis, but they have learned how to control their powers.

Think back to Skye’s earliest days on this show. She has always felt alone. Just as SHIELD was becoming a new family to her, that was taken away when some members of the team started to fear her powers. Now she’s getting a new family, one that can guide her through this turbulent time. There has been some speculation that Skye won’t be apart of SHIELD for much longer, and now it appears that rumor could be true. While I think she will eventually become a full-fledged SHIELD agent like her comic counterpart, I do think it will be a long time before that happens. Don’t be surprised if she spends the rest of this season with Gordon and the other Inhumans learning to use her powers properly.

Coulson and His SHIELD

It didn’t take long for Coulson to figure out that something was amiss with Bobbi and Mack. After last week, I expected Hunter to make a quick return to the bus to warn the team. I’m actually glad that didn’t happen. Having Coulson figure out the problem on his own reminded us why Nick Fury chose him to rebuild SHIELD. Having him get the upper hand on Mack early in the episode allowed Coulson to shine through as the more formidable opponent. Still, having Bobbi and Mack regain that upper hand also reminded us that Coulson can’t do it alone.  The essence of Phil Coulson is that he brings people together. We saw it in Avengers, we saw last season after Hydra took down SHIELD, and we’ll see it again in the coming weeks as Coulson and team battle these SHIELD imposters.

Civil War

Marvel Studios still has Age of Ultron and Ant-Man to release, but everything happening in Agents of SHIELD right now feels like a build-up to Captain America: Civil War. The Civil War comic centered around the Superhuman Registration Act. After an incident between the New Warriors and a group of supervillains resulted in the deaths of 600 people, including 60 children, the government implemented the act and decreed that all people with superhuman powers had to register with the government. It became a fight between superheroes with Iron Man leading the registration faction and Captain America leading the anti-registration forces.

The Marvel movies may go in a similar direction, but right now it looks like the Inhumans may be the catalyst behind the act’s implementation. The writers of the show have been seemingly drawing battle lines since Skye and Raina went through the terrigenesis. Some members of the team, Gemma and Mack to be specific, have feared Skye’s powers since the beginning. If the look on Bobbi’s face at the end of this episode was any indication, you can probably add her to the list of people fearing Skye. It’s going to make for some interesting conflicts going deep into next season. As everyone looks for an Age of Ultron tie-in to unfold on the show, it’s actually Civil War that’s being setup.

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