Arrow Thoughts: Season 3 Episode 17 “Suicidal Tendencies”


By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

After the intensity of last week’s episode, I thought this one was rather slow. We finally got to see Ray Palmer’s ATOM suit in its full glory, which is a nice edition to the show. The Suicide Squad also made another appearance, which I’m sure will happen a few more times between now and August 2016 when their own film is released. Other than that, this week didn’t do much to further the plot. I suspect we will be getting into some very heavy episodes in the next few weeks, and difficult decisions will have to be made by some characters. We may even lose one or two people along way. I think the writers took this moment to give us an episode that focused on family as a way to foreshadow some of the events that will likely transpire very soon.


The setup is now in full swing, and the city suspects the Arrow of killing a bunch of bad guys. We had to know this fragile peace between the Arrow and the Starling City wouldn’t last. At its core, this show is still about a vigilante who skirts the law in order to fight bad guys. Having him cooperate with Captain Lance for the first 15 episodes was interesting, but I like it when these two are at odds. It just makes for better television.

This episode, however, was a change of pace with Oliver going up against Palmer. It’s a fascinating dynamic that has repercussions for him both as Oliver Queen and Arrow. In case it hasn’t occurred to you, Palmer is taking everything away from Oliver. He has his company, Felicity, and now he came close to taking his freedom. It doesn’t appear that this will drag on, but for one episode it was fun to see Oliver go up against another vigilante.

Diggle and the Suicide Squad 

This has been a slow year for John Diggle. Roy and Laurel have kind of pushed him to the background of the show, so it was nice to see him get more action for a change. This plot hit us hard with the family theme as we saw Diggle and Lyla try to balance their new marriage with their responsibilities as sometime-ARGUS agents. Contrasting this with the backstory of Floyd Lawton/Deadshot showed us that having a family and doing their work isn’t very compatible. Diggle was ready to leave by the end of this mission, but now it appears he will try to succeed where Lawton failed – he will find a way to balance crime-fighting with having a normal life. I hope it works out for him, because right now the writers have him on a dangerous trajectory. He can come out of this as a stronger character, or he could not make it out of this season. I hope it’s the former, because there’s still plenty more to do with this character.

Ra’s al-Ghul

Operation: Discredit The Arrow is on. Like I said in my opening paragraph, it was a slow episode in terms of plot development, but ending the episode by killing the mayor and targeting Felicity already has me counting down the days until next week. There are six episodes left between now and the end of the season, so this could very well take us to the end. With all due respect to Slade Wilson and his mirakuru soldiers, this is the toughest adversary the Arrow has ever faced. After all, Ra’s al-Ghul literally killed him once. Six episodes seems like a long time for this to play out, but I think the story is simply getting the respect it deserves.

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