The Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 5, Episode 15 “Try”


By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead.

Rick and Deanna

Rick has transformed into a Machiavellian character. In season one, he was adamant that his people do not kill the living. Now he’s willing to kill Pete if he doesn’t stay away from Jessie and Sam. It’s all in the name of safety – as long as his people can go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, then the ends justify the means. Deanna, of course, is having none of this. We found out that she’s known about Pete’s abuse for some time, but he’s the only surgeon, so he gets to stay. She would rather let things be until someone needs exiled. The show has not had two more divergent leaders since Rick and the Governor (only this time, Rick might not be the good guy?).

Now that he’s gone after Pete, Rick won’t exactly be the most popular guy in Alexandria. One of his own people had to stop him. That’s going to cause tension within the group. What happens to Rick now? It could be anything from not being the town cop to outright banishment. Whatever it is, we know Rick won’t just take it on the chin.

Sasha and Michonne

I think we’ve seen the culmination of Sasha’s PTSD story. Truthfully, there wasn’t much more to say on this topic. We saw her shooting the family portraits last week, and we already knew she was sneaking out and hunting walkers. The only thing left was for someone to find out about it. Even though this was Sasha’s storyline, I actually think it did more for Michonne’s character development. Sasha’s rant after the walker massacre showed us that Michonne really has, for now, left her old life behind her. When Sasha brought up loss, Michonne could have mentioned her son, but she didn’t. I don’t think that was an accidental omission on the part of the writers. Michonne has hung up her sword and she’s ready to start a new life. Nothing illustrates this more than her turing on Rick in the end of this episode.


We had two different “W” sightings tonight with no real clues as to what they mean. So far, we know that someone is carving “Ws” into people’s heads, and we know that people are getting hacked up. From the first episode of this half-season, we know that it’s happening as far away as Richmond (that’s pretty far from Alexandria, but inĀ The Walking Dead universe, that would be just down the road. I don’t think the writers look at maps). It’s very likely that the hacked up bodies and “Ws” are related, but that’s still only an assumption.

Could this be Negan’s group? We know that character is coming sooner rather than later, but I have strong doubts about him making an appearance this season. If he does, then kudos to Scott Gimple for keeping secret one of the biggest castings in the show’s history. I think it’s more likely that the group hacking up these bodies is made up of Alexandria’s exiles. This will give us a transition to the Saviors (Negan’s group) next season while still providing an enemy that will show Deanna that Rick’s ways are not wrong. Will it be a group that we’ve heard of before? Probably not. They seem to be calling themselves The Wolves, which is not from the comics. So it appears that we’ll be getting something unique to the show, which should be interesting.

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