Arrow Thoughts: Season 3, Episode 16 “The Offer”


By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: If you are not caught up with Arrow, please stop reading.

Arrow came back from its month-long break with another strong episode. This is becoming my favorite show, and that says a lot considering how much television I watch. The episode started where the last one left off: with Oliver kneeling before Ra’s al-Ghul. He showed Oliver Nanda Parbat and told him that if he accepted his offer to become the next Ra’s al-Ghul, Oliver would have unlimited resources to continue his work as the Arrow.


We’ve seen so many sides of Oliver that it’s difficult to know which one we’ll be getting from episode-to-episode. For example, he’s pretty firm in his stance against killing people, but he’ll shoot an arrow through a guy’s leg to get a confession out of him. I came into this episode expecting him to have no interest in becoming the next Ra’s al-Ghul, but then he surprised me with his willingness to at least consider it. In hindsight, it’s not really surprising at all. It’s in keeping with the character that he would want to do good things for people. While commanding a league of assassins may seem counterintuitive to his “no killing” policy, Ra’s took care of that pretty quickly by telling him that his assassins would do his will, and if that means no killing, then that would be that.

Oliver may have come out of this episode ready to pass on the offer, but this won’t be the last we’ve seen of him being conflicted over it. As Maseo said, Ra’s al-Ghul has already written the story, and as we saw in the final scene, Ra’s will do whatever it takes to make Starling City an unwelcoming place for the Arrow.

Captain Lance

It’s difficult to imagine what Lance is going through. Not only has he lost Sara (again), but he has to deal with the fact that Laurel kept that fact from him. On top of that, he knows the Arrow, a man he trusted despite his convictions, also kept the truth from him. ┬áThe first alleyway scene between Lance and the Arrow was one of the best of the season. We felt Lance’s pain. We saw, for the first time, that he didn’t just lose Sara; he lost himself. He allowed himself to trust a vigilante. He allowed himself to toss aside everything he believed in. This was really reinforced later when he told Laurel that there’s no coming back from this. How could there be? I’m sure the writers will come up with a way for Lance to trust Laurel again, but it won’t be easy. Don’t be surprised if Captain Lance’s days are numbered and that forgiveness comes right before the character dies.


Is anyone surprised that Felicity is opposed to Oliver becoming Ra’s al-Ghul? After three season and 62 episodes, I’m still not even sure Felicity grasps the fact that she’s a vigilante. It would be nice if the characters at least acknowledged that going from Team Arrow to Team Assassins isn’t the biggest leap in the world.


After months of speculation and some not-so-subtle hints, we finally saw the Lazarus Pit. This all but confirms a theory I’ve had for a while now: Nyssa isn’t just upset about Sara’s death because she was in love with her; she’s angry because she could have saved Sara’s life if she knew about her death. There’s still plenty to find out about the Lazarus Pit, like is this how Malcolm Merlyn is still alive?

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