Agents of SHIELD Thoughts: Season Two, Episode 13 “One of Us”

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By: Casey (@DarthHockey)


For a Marvel show, I thought this episode had a very DC-like feel to it (*ducks to avoid rotten fruit being thrown my way*). It had a Suicide Squad-like band of villains that was broken out of a Arkham-like asylum. That’s not a criticism. The week’s episode actually worked very well for me. We still got the continuing story of Skye and her abilities, and we got more of her “bat guano crazy” dad.


Tonight we saw Skye getting better control of her quaking abilities, but that came at a price as she ended the episode with 75 hairline fractures in her body. The big story, however, wasn’t her abilities; it was her dealing with getting put on the Index and possibly taken off field duty. The was an interesting revelation after speculation that she may not be a SHIELD agent for much longer.

This storyline really worked for me because I like the aspect of SHIELD being a second family to her (of course, look at the father they have to compete with). Seeing her adopted family taken away from her could add some additional tension to the character.


Cal is out for blood. We saw how crazy he was in the first half of this season, but he’s taken it to a whole new level in this episode. He says he cares about Skye, but I’m not feeling it. He doesn’t care that she’s happy where she is, and he certainly doesn’t care that it wasn’t really SHIELD that killed his wife.

Now that’s backfired on him as he’s gotten himself on the radar of the Inhumans. For all of his grandstanding in the earlier episode, he seemed on the verge of trembling in front of Gordon (The Reader). What was on the other side of the door that Cal walked through? I’m guessing that within the next couple of episodes, we will get to see more of the Inhuman hierarchy.


I mentioned last week that Agent May was softening, and this week continued that trend. Bringing her ex-husband onto the show humanizes her. It closes off one more power source to the robotic May that we’ve seen in the past. The fact that Andrew, her ex-husband, seems like such a nice guy reinforces that May really does have a non-SHIELD side to her personality. Drawing out this part of her character actually made it more special when we got to see her fight the bad guy.

CoulsonBobbi and Mack

Coulson is onto Bobbi and Mack. He may be held at bay for now with that story about the Bobbi and Hunter love affair, but his Coulson Sense is tingling. Judging from the preview for next week (STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE SPOILED), we will get the final answer on who “the real SHIELD” is. The guys at Phantastic Geek speculated that they may be spying for Fury. After the preview (AGAIN, SPOILER WARNING), I’m not so sure.

Ward Sighting?


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