The Walking Dead Thoughts: Season 5, Episode 14 “Spend”


By: Casey (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: If you are not caught up, please stop reading.

This was the most emotionally charged episode of The Walking Dead since season four and the death of Herschel. Even though Noah has not been with the group for very long, he represented an innocence that none of the others in the group had left in them. Now the increasingly fragile peace that the group found has been damaged.


We didn’t see much of Rick in this episode. He got a little screen time with Jessie and Pete. There’s definitely growing tension there. He didn’t come right out and say it, but I’m sure Pete knows that Rick has some feelings for Jessie. Rick even showed some signs of guilt over those feelings. Of course, that is probably going to end with the revelation that Pete has been hitting Jessie and Sam.


What is up with Carol? Is this guilt over losing Sophia in season two? We saw her keep Lizzie and Mika at arms length in the past, especially the one time Mika called her “mommy.” Now she’s really being a jerk to Sam. Maybe Carol just doesn’t want to see a kid who isn’t Judith or Carl. In any event, we finally saw her soften a little when she figured out that Jessie and Sam are being abused by Pete. Carol now has a purpose, and that always makes her a more interesting character.


Speaking of a purpose, Abraham has found his calling as a construction crew foreman. We caught a glimpse in the first half of the season of just how lost he was when his family was killed. He lost all purpose when it was revealed that Eugene is not a scientist. Saving his fellow workers and ultimately taking over the crew allowed Abraham to do what he does best: lead people. I only wish we got to hear more of the speech he was giving at the end of the episode.

Glenn and Noah

This isn’t something Glenn can just come back from. On The Talking Dead, Steven Yeun pointed out that this is the first time Glenn has lost someone he was trying to save. Couple that with the fact that he also couldn’t save Aiden and Glenn has had a rough day. How will he react? We already saw him beat Nicholas unconscious. Now Glenn has to go back to Alexandria and tell an increasingly doubtful Deanna that he lost her son on a supply run.

Us vs. Them

Raise your hand if you predicted that Alexandria would be perfectly safe and it would be Rick’s group that messed everything up. It hasn’t happened yet, but it seems to be getting to that point. Deanna is apprehensive about how many of the group is moving into leadership positions (at this point it’s Rick and Michonne as cops, Daryl as a recruiter, Glenn as supply run leader, and now Abraham as construction crew foreman). Gabriel didn’t help matters by telling her that Rick and his people are evil Satans disguised as angels (way to leave out how you locked your whole congregation out of your own church, you mother dick). Two things will potentially push her over the edge next week: the loss of Aiden and Rick beating Pete’s ass (you know that’s coming). With only two episodes left, the Alexandria Safe Zone probably won’t be safe for much longer.

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