The Morning Report: Agents of SHIELD Season 2, Episode 12 “Who You Really Are”

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By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

If you’re not caught up with Agents of SHIELD, please stop reading now.

Everyone is now out of Puerto Rico and the team is back to normal (“normal” being a relative term here). After Coulson performed a Corleane-ian taking out of the Hydra heads last week, the team is now able to breathe a little easier. This is good for the show as it can now focus solely on the new Inhuman storyline. We got a little taste of that last night with the Kree coming to earth to deal with “the abomination” that is the Inhumans. This was a good way to give more of the backstory of the Kree coming to earth to perform experiments beyond “blue angels falling from the sky.”


I don’t think any of us expected Coulson to turn on Skye, but it was still refreshing to see him defend her from Lady Sif and Vin-Tak (the aforementioned Kree). Since the beginning, there has been a father/daughter relationship between Coulson and Skye (or a brother/sister relationship if you ask Clark Gregg). Coulson is still very broken up over the loss of Trip, but he’s not going blame Skye’s newly discovered mutation inhuanization for his death. Battle lines are being drawn within the team and Coulson has put himself squarely on Skye’s side.


The same can be said for Melinda May. We caught some glimpses of May mentoring Skye earlier in the season, and got a sense of how much May cares for her when Skye was kidnapped by Ward. Last night took a step further by showing that May will literally stand between Skye and an Asgardian warrior (was there any doubt?). It’s nice to see the writers give May a little more personality this season. While the I’ll-give-you-an-ice-cold-stare-before-I-kick-your-ass May worked in season one, it wasn’t going to take long to wear thin. Seeing her concern for Skye (“Is there anything you want to tell us?”) does plenty to add another layer to this character.

The Battle Lines

The last time Skye saw her father, he warned her that people would fear the change she is going through.  We saw it last week from Jemma and we got more of it this week from others. As I mentioned in the Coulson section, battle lines are being drawn within the team regarding Skye and Raina (wait until they find out just how many Inhumans there are). This could be a major storyline that goes beyond this season. Even though Marvel Studios won’t come out and say it, the Inhumans are taking the place of mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Don’t be surprised if this becomes the catalyst for the Superhuman Registration Act in Captain America: Civil War. There’s already a mini-civil war brewing on the bus as we see the look on betrayal Jemma gives Fitz.

The Diviners

We now know that six more Diviners are out there. Where can they be? It’s a mystery, but I’m willing to bet that at least one of them is already in the hands of Baron von Strucker and he used it on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. In case you were looking for it, there’s your tie-in for Agents of SHIELD and Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Grant Ward Sighting?


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