The Morning Dead: Episode 13, “Forget”


By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: If you’re not caught up with The Walking Dead season five, episode 13 “Forget,” please stop reading!

Now that the group has reached the Alexandria Safe Zone, their focus is on whether or not they can settle into the community and trust the people. After being out for so long, each member now has time to deal with everything that has happened to them outside the walls.


I think Rick desperately wants this to work, but he’s not ready to trust Deanna and her people quite yet. He’s trying, though, as he tells Deanna that a roving patrol around the walls and 24-hour watch in the clock tower is necessary for the community’s safety. Deanna doesn’t seem to take this as seriously as she should. This calls to mind the fact that we don’t know how much Deanna and her people know about the group. They know that things had to be done to survive outside the walls, but it’s not clear whether or not they know the details of the Governor and Terminus.

Meanwhile, Rick, Carol, and Daryl are planning on stealing guns from the Alexandria armory. The reason for this plan is still a mystery. Has Rick and the gang already given up on Alexandria working out? Do they just want their people to be armed for when the inevitable outside attack occurs?

Last thing for Rick: what is up with his feelings for Jessie? This has the makings of a total Shane situation. In truth, he’s probably feeling something towards someone for the first time since Lori’s death and he doesn’t know how to deal with that. Still, you don’t go full Shane!


The whole group is suffering from PTSD, but Sasha seems to be hit the hardest. After making it to Alexandria on the heels of losing Bob and Tyrese, Sasha appears to be suffering from some fairly serious survivor’s guilt on top of whatever it was that possessed her to shoot those poor family portraits.  Sasha’s own guilt is making her bitter towards people who haven’t shared her experiences (how dare you have homes and families and warm meals?!?).  Deanna seems to be tolerant of this right now, but her patience is wearing thin.


Since the beginning of the series, Daryl has had an in-and-out relationship with the rest of the group. He trusts the people he’s with, but he always seems to be one step back from letting people into his circle of trust.  The only ones who really get Daryl Dixon are Carol and maybe Judith. Now you can possibly add Aaron to that list. The first half of the season introduced the childhood abuse aspect of Daryl’s character. He was, again, drawing away from the group. That all changed with the words “you know the difference between a good person and a bad person.” Maybe Daryl has finally found is calling by being an Alexandria Safe Zone recruiter?

We also saw Daryl and Aaron’s adventures with the wild horse. According to @thekamjohnston, the death of the horse is foreshadowing the death of Daryl. Like Daryl, the horse is an untamable animal. Aaron tried to save it and bring it to Alexandria, but failed. Could this be Daryl’s ultimate fate?


The big question last week was, what’s up with Carol and her bubbly attitude? Now we know that it was a survival tactic. As she told Rick, “I get to be invisible again.” Now she can spend her time baking cookies and cooking meals so no one will notice when he steals guns and threatens little children. Speaking of which, what the hell, Carol? I don’t know what to say, but that was an awesome surprise.

Bonus Dead

For the second time this half-season, we’ve seen a walker with a “W” carved into its forehead. We’ve also seen references to “Wolves” since the group arrived in Virginia. There are various opinions about these two things. I think they are related, and I personally like the theory that the Saviors from the comics will end up being the Wolves in the show. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but if you thought the Governor was bad, wait until you see Negan and his group.

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