Did Kurt Sutter Tell Us How Sons of Anarchy Would End in a Season Five Teaser?

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James Minchin/FX







By: Casey Johnston (@DarthHockey)

WARNING: If you are not caught up on Sons of Anarchy then please stop reading.  This post will contain spoilers.

The Gemma storyline came to a head last night as Jax caught upwith his mom in Oregon.  I honestly did not know where this would conclude.  It came to a logical end for the matriarch, but apart of me still thought that Jax would exile her to the farm with Nero, sparing him the guilt of having to execute his own mother in a rose garden.

Now that this storyline is over, all that is left is to figure out how it ends for Jax and the club.  There have been several clues sprinkled in throughout this season, and we will get to those in a minute.  First, let’s look at these season five teaser trailers to see if Kurt Sutter left us a clue all the way back in 2012.

If you remember, season five ended up being the beginning of the end for Tara as she was led away in handcuffs.  That was the catalyst for the downward spiral that ended with her dying at the hands of Gemma in the season six finale.  Two of the focal points of these teasers are now dead.  The only one left standing is Jax.  So what happens to him?

I’ve had a strong feeling ever since the “Separation of Crows” episode that the series would ultimately end with Jax killing himself.  Just before Jury White was shot in the head he brought up the apparent suicide of Jax’s father, John.  Jury explained that John could no longer take the lifestyle of an outlaw biker after the death of his youngest son, Thomas, so he drove himself into a semi-truck.  That was either a random meaningless story, which Kurt Sutter is not known for, or it was foreshadowing.

As we come into the final episode of the series, it seems as if Jax is backed into a corner that he has no interest in escaping from.  Think of the look on his face as he said goodbye to Nero, admitted to murdering Jury to the other club presidents, and asked his mom for John’s manuscript.  He was smiling in every scene.  Why would he be happy unless he knows the end is near for him?  Think about it.  When he said goodbye to Nero, Jax made sure that his children would always be welcome at the farm.  When he admitted to killing Jury, he assured the other presidents that SAMCRO would vote “the right way” in their decision to kill Jax.  Before he killed Gemma, he asked for John’s manuscript, probably to give to Chibbs so he doe not make the same mistakes Jax made as president.

His children will be cared for, his club will will have a president who can guide them through the most turbulent time in their history, and that president will have the words of John to guide him.  The only thing left for Jax to do is settle the Irish problem so there can be a lasting peace between the Sons, One-Niners, and Mayans.  With that out of the way, Jax’s business is complete.  He’s free to drive himself off a bridge or to let the other club members kill him.  Either way, much like Gemma in that rose garden, Jax seems quite resigned that his end is near.