Someone Call All Of The Networks!

By Kamela Johnston

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Laurie and Hiddleston? Loki and House?! Espionage?!?! What.

burns happy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo will be starring in John le Carre’s The Night Manager, a TV adaptation that is in development by the BBC.


Well, probably not too long after it airs across the pond. THR is reporting that U.S. networks are fairly clamoring all over each other, offering straight-to-series pickups (which means they won’t bother with the whole pilot process, because duh, it’s gonna be good!).

Here’s a synopsis of the story:

Published in 1993, le Carre’s Night Manager follows Jonathan Pine, a British soldier turned luxurious hotel night auditor. Pine crosses paths with a French-Arab woman named Sophie with ties to Richard Onslow Roper, an English black marketer who specializes in weapons. The woman provides Pine with incriminating documents, which he forwards to a friend in British intelligence. After Sophie winds up dead, Pine works with intelligence operatives and goes undercover as part of a sting against Roper to avenge Sophie’s death.

I know, right?

So we just have to bide our time…I’m sure the wait will be worth it!

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