Season Finale of The Strain

By Casey Johnston (@Nerdplosion)

Season one of the The Strain came to an end last night just as the show was starting to get interesting.  Despite a mid-season desire to give up on the show along with Kam, I decided to stick with it.  It took forever to get to the point, but the patience paid off in the end.  Now that the season is finished we are left with some questions:

– Are the Ancients really good guys here?  They’re all for fighting the Master, but for what purpose?  Do they want the betterment of the human race or do they just want more blood for themselves?  Faced with fighting or being siphoned by vampires, Gus has a no-brainer decision to make.

– The Master didn’t die but he looked pretty damaged so it was strange to me that Eph and Setrakian told the team that the Master survived direct sunlight.  While that’s technically true, they made no mention of the fact that the Master appeared to suffer great damage before making his escape.  Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but it makes me wonder what the writers are going for.  Is the Master badly damaged or is he some sort of special vampire that can survive in adverse conditions that would kill other vamps?

– The Kelly storyline was partially resolved as she finally returned home in vampire form to find Eph and Zach.  Now that they both know for sure that she is turned and on the hunt that story can shift towards the two running from the inevitable moment where father or son has to go all vampire hunter on mom.


Season two doesn’t begin until 2015 so we have time to mull over these questions (and to think of a few more).  In the meantime, join me in reading the books written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.


Thanks for reading!