Post-Show Quickie: Sons of Anarchy [SPOILERS]

By: Casey

Episode two of SOA aired last night and it gave more clues as to how this series will come to its inevitably bloody end.

In the lead up to the confrontation with the Chinese, Jax admitted to Jury that he no longer has a vision for the club and that he’s just seeing what’s right in front of his face. The potential consequences for his actions last night make that very easy to believe. First he attacked the Chinese as they were making a gun-drug trade with the Triads, a move that took Lin three seconds to blame on the Sons. Then to cover his tracks he killed someone who ended up being very important to Jury.  Just how important we do not yet know, but he cradled the man’s dead body in his arms and called him “Gibby” as he sobbed.  Obviously this person was not some random muscle. So on top of the battle between the Sons and the Chinese we now have a potential civil war within the club.

Finally, we saw the return of August Marks in a scene that seemingly foreshadowed another potential end for Jax.  As he was explaining the virtue of patience to Jax and telling him that “clarity settles all scores, pays back all debts” did anyone else get the feeling that he knows the truth about Damian Pope’s murder?  I did and I see this as yet another potential end for the Jax and SAMCRO.

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